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Why God Supports Capitalism

Short answer: Under capitalism God has opportunity to inspire visionary entrepreneurs to develop their natural talent and fulfill the purpose they were assigned to when they came into this world. Under socialism God does not have this opportunity because government regulates ideas.

In biblical times Hebrews had ongoing struggles between God and idols. When leaders inspired their people to depend on God society prospered. When leaders promoted idols society became dysfunctional. This is true today; compare quality of life with political systems and nation’s relationship to God.

God created intelligence that created the universe. Man cannot create intelligence; visionary intelligence, including inventions and written novels, is inspired by intuitive inspiration from the Divine universe. If we accept the fact that God has a relationship with each of us and He has a relationship with nations it will be easer to understand visionary concepts. The quality of support God can give nations is dependent on people’s freedom to think and dream outside the box.

The founding fathers of the United States considered themselves servants of the people and wrote laws based on this perspective that is based on biblical teachings. America’s motto is “In God We Trust.” This is the power behind capitalism. With people free to express their ideas God can inspire their creative skills. When we came into this world God assigned us a talent and a purpose. When we seek related opportunity, God orchestrates events that lead us to fulfillment of His purpose. This is possible under capitalism where millions of visionaries are being inspired and guided by God, believers and non believers, knowingly or unknowingly. America’s economic power is the result of God’s opportunity to communicate with us and orchestrate resources. Orchestrate means someone is in charge

Socialism, idols, gambling is a mirage that appears to offer hope and prosperity but leads to self destruction.

Under socialism God is forgotten and we become depend on government thinking it will supply our needs; the opposite is true. Government dependency is like becoming addicted to gambling, betting more and more hoping luck will change, but it doesn’t. In today’s world socialism is the idol god where promoters promise freedom from problems but they do nothing. In many socialistic societies God is outlawed because independent thinkers interfere with leaders control of the people.

Some capitalist nations kill their success by implementing regulations that control the development of ideas. The state of California, USA has been the world leader of technology. With few barriers innovative visionaries were free to share ideas and their success has been phenomenal. As I write this the state is implementing regulations that transfer wealth from the wealthy to the poor. This is considered to be compassion for the needy. Increased regulations limit entrepreneur’s incentive to develop ideas. Jobs are lost forcing people to live on the street. This is the beginning of socialism. Venezuela was a wealthy nation until socialism became law. The government nationalized profitable businesses and destroyed them with bad management.

God communicates with all of us, believer and non believer. He wants us to live a quality lifestyle and will guide us to achieve it. The proof is child prodigies; they acquire professional skills at an early age related to their natural talent.

Alma Deutscher is a music prodigy, at the age of 8 she wrote an opera titled Cinderella. At the age of 11 three theater companies around the world produced the opera. This level of skill at this age can only be achieved with Divine inspiration. Her parents recognized this talent and provided training. God can only help when talent is recognized and development support is offered. (YouTube Has clips of Alma. A DVD of Cinderella is available at

Jeff Bezos is an entrepreneur prodigy who in July of 1994 founded Because of the company’s fast growth, Jeff had to have the support of Divine inspiration. Being at the right place at the right time, hundreds of times is not luck, it is Divinely orchestrated.

President Donald Trump is a leadership prodigy who knows how to get things done. As president of the United States he has been able to get more things done in a similar timeframe that other Presidents. At the same time organized groups of people have a strong hatred for him and want him removed from office. Most leaders’ efforts would come to a halt under these conditions. God is working in the background to get things done.

President Abraham Lincoln never went to school. God was his instructor and advisor.

Looking back 70 years when I was a teenager, I now believe I was an adventure prodigy. As a teenager I had dreams of jungle and sea adventure. In my mid twenties I took action to make it happen. Soon I had a high paying job at the Panama Canal, Panama with opportunity to carry out my dreams, including money. This had to be orchestrated by God; doors kept opening and I was amazed and could not believe I was living my dream.

The above prodigy examples are based on service or knowledge. Greed is not a prodigy characteristic. Capitalism promotes service, socialism promotes greed.

Throughout history some prodigies are a threat to authorities control. They are silenced by imprisonment, death, or other. In the United States buying and selling political favors is big business. President Donald Trump does not support this and the establishment has developed an organized hate vendetta to put him down. Social prejudge and hate are a characteristics of man, not God.

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