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What is Intuitive Guidance?

This website recognizes a Higher Power than ourselves.

  1. What is intuitive? The word "intuition" has a variety of different meanings, ranging from direct access to unconscious knowledge, inner sensing, and the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.
  2. What is intuitive guidance? It is a gut feeling that tells us to take action or avoid it without facts. I call this “comfort zone navigation,” because it feels more comfortable to follow our gut feeling than to ignore it. Sometimes it leads to benefits we never dreamed possible.
  3. What is destiny? Destiny is associated with predetermined and inevitable series of events that happen to somebody or something. This requires an unseen controlling force. Destiny has us at the right place, at the right time, with the right resources, inspiring the right decisions for potential opportunity. It is up to us to accept or reject gut feeling. This is not chance or luck, it is orchestrated by universal intelligence and communicated to us via intuitive guidance.
  4. What is natural talent? All of us come into this world to fulfill a purpose based on our natural talent, a talent that was given to us during birth. For example: In movies we have seen 5 year old actresses sing and dance. We ask our self, how can they learn these skills at such a young age? Parents recognized their talent and found ways to develop it. This is natural talent, intuitive guidance, and universal intelligence working together. Most of us are not so lucky, we have to discover our talent on our own and find ways to develop it, usually in adulthood.
    1. Professional athletes achieved their status because of their natural talent. Competition removes people who wish they could be professional but lack the talent.
  5. What is universal intelligence? In many of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches he gives credit to Divine Providence for the wisdom of his decisions and speeches. The term “Divine Providence” refers to a power that rules the universe. This is based on high ethical and moral values related to logic and purpose. It is used to seek guidance on decisions with limited facts that will lead to a desired outcome. President Lincoln knew he needed help beyond human limits and turned to Divine help for guidance. It is this help that gave him the success he is credited with. (This is natural talent, intuitive guidance, and universal intelligence working together.)
  6. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1
    I consider two major creations, the laws of physics that bring order to the universe and intelligence that created life. We consider God and everything He does to be perfect, but we live in an imperfect world. When God created the laws of physics, the result were perfect, there is no deviation or independent action.
    When it came to intelligence and creating life, this could not be 100% perfect, because there would be no freedom to choose. To overcome this problem God created universal intelligence with the task of creating and maintaining life. Universal intelligence has no opinion of right or wrong, therefore, it supports anything we want to believe right or wrong. It is up to us to decide right from wrong. This gives man the freedom to make decisions and learn via trial and error. If our decisions are right, those activities will develop and grow, if they are wrong they will self-destruct. This is a self learning process that starts with failure and leads to success.
  7.  Why a dream? We must have a clearly defined goal of what we want to achieve. Without it, nothing will happen. A blueprint with drawings and instructions clearly defines a goal and motivates support. A blueprint with nothing on it will produce the same. (Nothing and no motivation)

A dream, natural talent, intuitive guidance, and universal intelligence that are in harmony with our goal produce achievements beyond our wildest dreams. The guiding force is destiny, orchestrating events that bring needed skills and supporting interest together.

My story: As a teenager I had dreams of jungle and sea adventure lifestyle. Reading about Polynesians populating the Pacific Islands in dugout canoes, I developed a dream to duplicate their achievements. By my mid 20s I was living from payday to payday with creditors controlling my life. I took drastic action to bring my dream back to life. Four years later I was living on a beach in Tahiti with two forty-foot dugout canoes building a Polynesians double hull boat. Once I took action events seem to be automatic; I was always at the right place at the right time where opportunity was waiting. This had to be orchestrated by destiny. There is no other way to explain it. The full story is recorded in my document “The Liki Tiki Story.”

Note 1:  Public school students that are at the top of the class, their natural talent is in harmony with the education system. Students that fall through the cracks, their natural talent is in conflict with the education system, they need a different learning environment.

Note 2: Money is not a goal, it is a reward ONLY for personal achievement.

When we accept the concept that visionary intelligence originates in the Divine Universe, many mysteries are understood with; "that's how it works!" It is visionaries and intuitive guidance that developed 21st century life as we know it today, otherwise, man would still be living in the Stone Age.


My PDF documents are free and no registration.

To Inspire a Dream

59 pages 2.5 MB

We all came into this world to fulfill a purpose which is based on our natural talent.

A goal that is in harmony with our natural talent finds opportunity or opportunity finds us.

This is the secret of highly talented people.

Famous people's achievement is based on their natural talent

Universal Intelligence, the Guiding Power of Destiny
54 pages 1.3 MB

This document tells about my experience with intuitive guidance and my lifestyle of tropical jungle and sea adventure. When working with the forces of nature there are elements we have no control over, but intuitive guidance is there and helps us avoid or overcome impossible barriers. I have had many experiences of achievement and life saving events that were beyond my control.

If you want to come back to this page I suggest you bookmark it, because it will be easer to find. These concepts are not for everyone.

Motivation Tool Chest

Mission: To inspire a dream and fulfill it
Without a dream, nothing will happen

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