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Visionary Intelligence

The United States is the world's technology leader because their social system removes barriers to visionary intelligence.

Some definitions used on this page:

Visionary Intelligence – Is not based on luck or chance, it is developed by managing the elements. Concepts are inspired.

What is inspiration? A passing thought related to our goal. Very often this is very brief and needs to be recorded at the time or it will be lost. Sometimes this is the missing information we are looking for, but it has to be researched or tested for feasibility.

Natural talent? All of us came into this world to fulfill a purpose based on our natural talent, a talent that was given to us during birth. For example: In movies we have seen 5 year old actresses sing and dance. We ask our self, how can they learn these skills at such a young age? Parents recognized their talent and found ways to develop it.

The discovery of our natural talent and developing it is the key to above average intelligence. Visionary skill is a natural talent. When developed, these people are considered a genius, because their concepts always seem to be right.

Visionary concepts are received via inspiration and enhanced by viewing them from different perspectives. The quality of inspiration is also dependent on our values. The "Ten Commandments" is a powerful example. The following chart list elements that influence quality of visionary intelligence.

Visionary Intelligence
Social Elements Personal Elements

Freedom of speech
Freedom of religion
Freedom of political opinions and opinions in general
Freedom of social class limits
Freedom to develop ideas
Creative freedom
Opportunity to expand knowledge
Opportunity to develop natural talent
Opportunity for new experiences

Dream or goal that motivates
Development of natural talent
Socialize with similar interest
Accept risk - Courage
Become passionate of goal
Expand personal achievement
Love that motivates
Creative thinker
Independent thinker
Strong willed
Barriers Mixed Results
Government controls - socialism
Limited freedoms
Limited opportunity
Social prejudice - Hate
Cliquish social circles - Caste system
Mind altering drugs
Command and control leadership
Worship of God
Social circles
Stress, pressure
Ability to bounce back
Seek opportunity
Organization leadership style
Inferiority complex
Education Skills Intuitive Connections
Research and analyses - analytical
Project based education
Trial and error - Learn from failure and bounce back
Visionary intelligence builds on prior knowledge.
Debate pro and con
Mission statement
Team input
Intuitive guidance
Education skills and intuitive connections work together to inspire new ideas.

Year 2017 update

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