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What Happens When We Pursue a Dream, Goal?

Opportunity is attracted to people with a dream. They are the first to be hired, first to be offered opportunity, and first to be promoted. Bigger the dream the faster doors open. WHY? People with a dream act differently than non-dreamers, they develop an attitude that radiates energy; they have a sense of purpose and meaning to their lives. Radiant energy is an attitude that bosses like and to which they offer opportunity. This is how the impossible becomes possible.

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Self Education
The Lost Art

Topics about the love-to-learn, natural talents, project based education, and more.

43 page 1.4 MB

To Inspire a Dream and Fulfill It

What happens when we pursue a dream, goal?

60 pages 1.5 MB

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Motivation Tool Chest

Mission: To inspire a dream and fulfill it
Without a dream, nothing will happen

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