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You May Be a Gifted Prodigy

Prodigy is someone that has a direct connection to Divine wisdom, skills, and knowledge. Where they follow their instincts they are considered very intelligent.

We all came into this world to fulfill a purpose assigned to us by Divine Intelligence. Our assignment is based on our natural talent. We are God’s children and it is His desire that we contribute to quality o f life. There is no pre requirement to believe or not to believe. Prodigy children are proof of Divine inspired intelligence. At an early age they demonstrate unique skills and talent that can only be divinely acquired. They are too young to comprehend using traditional training. Child prodigies must be discovered by parents or someone that recognized their uniqueness and then create opportunity to develop it. If not discovered, their talent will be lost during their youth, maybe forever.

Divine Intelligence is God; He is the creator of all intelligence. God created man with the ability to acquire knowledge so as to be intelligence. Only God can create intelligence, not man, but we have access to it via intuitive inspiration. As we expand our skills with resources available to us, Divine Intelligence expands those skills with instincts, additional knowledge, and guidance. How fast this skill will grow depends on our motivation to learn. Visible examples are in the entertainment industry where children have adult like skills.

Alma Deutscher was born in 2005 into a musical family. Parents noticed her interest in musical interments and took action to develop it. At the age of two she was playing the piano, at the age of three she was playing the violin. By the age of five she was reading everything that interest her and her parents had trouble finding music instructors that knew more than Alma. At age eight she wrote an opera titled Cinderella, composed the music including music for each of the interments in the orchestra. At the age of eleven three theater companies around the world produced the opera. Soon copies were available on DVD. Talent like this at this age is only available by Divine inspiration and parents provided opportunity to develop it.

Bill gates founder of Microsoft and Jeff Bezos founder of are entrepreneur prodigies. Their vision was inspired by Divine Intelligence, knowingly or unknowingly, and they may be a believer or nonbeliever, but they are fulfilling their assigned purpose in life. Their goal is to provide a service that will enhance customers quality of life, wealth was a by-product.

In baseball, anyone who makes it to the major league has to be a baseball prodigy because competition is heavy to get into the league. Prodigies have Divine instincts that put them at the right place at the right time where there will be opportunity. This gives them an edge over want-a-be players.

During World War II General George Patton was a combat prodigy. Very often he was at the right place at the right time to engage the Germens. He followed his instincts sometimes ignoring orders, saying his instincts are inspired by the Almighty God. Private Audie Murphy entered the combat zone in North Africa. He was the most decorated American combat soldiers of World War II. It was his instincts that led to his achievements. On the German side anyone who did not follow orders was executed, instincts were not an option. Officially there is no God, so they could not ask for Divine guidance.

President Abraham Lincoln was a self-educated prodigy. He did not have a formal education, but he was an avid reader and read everything he could find, the Bible being his favorite. President Lincoln led the United States through very troubled time and gives credit to Divine inspiration for wisdom.

About 1,800 years ago the Polynesian leadership was inspired to migrate to other islands from Tahiti. In dugout canoes they populated Hawaii, Easter Island, New Zealand, and more. These islands were 2,500 miles from Tahiti. With the odds of success so slim to an unknown destination, God had to be the inspiration supporting these voyages. He had to supply fair winds, food, rain water, and intuitive guidance. (Navigation) Without God’s support success was physically impossible, voyagers would disappear and never be heard from again. Today’s historians do not give God credit; they consider success the result of man’s skills. The same is true today; society does not give God credit for man’s technology advancements. God is the source of all intelligence.

Thousands of years ago around the world people were cutting and moving stone blocks, some weighing over 300 tons. They had technology we don’t have today; God inspired visionaries on how to cut and move these stones using techniques that are not available to us today. We have the results of this lost technology. Divine Intelligence was actively involved with their achievements.

Support from Divine Intelligence can be put into categories:

• Instincts
• Intuitive inspiration
• Intuitive guidance
• Orchestrating opportunity

Each of these requires a decision on our part. Sometimes we react without any thought and then there are decisions that require a commitment and we are not sure if it just is wishful thinking. Some sort of test is needed; evaluating our interest over time works best.

There are limits on what Divine Intelligence supports:

• It does not support corruption and greed
• It does not support hate and anger
• No support where government and social circles control the way people think
• No support where visionaries are considered troublemakers and put in jail

Visionaries with big ideas live in a location that accept and supports them and their ideas. The United States is the primary choice. The motto: “In God We Trust.”

Child prodigy barriers are many, for example:

• Child’s interest and parent’s social circles are not compatible
• Parents consider the child too young to learn or understand
• Parents have their own vision of what their child should achieve
• Child is taught he is a victim with no hope and develops an inferiority complex

As adults all may not be lost. Our assigned purpose in life is still there and we need to take action. When we do, Divine Intelligence goes into action opening doors to opportunity where the seemly impossible become possible.

Divine Intelligence and gravity have similar characteristics that they penetrate every corner of the universe and influence every object in the universe. Every unseen element has laws that keep order that makes life possible. God created man with a freewill where he can abide by His laws or ignore them. Supporting them will enhance life; ignoring them brings destruction. The Bible goes into great detail on this. The theme of the Bible is:

• God’s relationship with man
• Man’s relationship with God
• Man’s relationship with man.

The Bible has hundreds of stories on how people prospered when they served one God and how there was hardship when they worshiped idols. In today’s society we call it capitalism where ideas are inspired by Divine Intelligence and people prospered, versus, socialism where people are dependent on leaders and their power is controlled by greed.

We have God’s support when our goals are in harmony with God’s goals.

Note: In 1970 I sailed a dugout canoe with outriggers across the Pacific Ocean. During the 68 day voyage I became aware of ways on how God interacts with us. This article is an expansion of that awareness.

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