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Discovering Our Natural Talent

What is natural talent? All of us come into this world to fulfill a purpose based on our natural talent, a talent that was given to us during birth. For example: In movies we have seen 5 year old actresses sing and dance. We ask ourself, how can they learn these skills at such a young age? Parents recognized their talent and found ways to develop it. Most of us are not so lucky, we have to discover our talent on our own and find ways to develop it, usually in adulthood.

The discovery of our natural talent and developing it is the key to above average intelligence. When developed we are considered highly talented.

For athletes that turn professional; their success is based on their natural talent and developing it via heavy training. The same is true for musicians and actors practicing hours every day.

Select your strongest interest in each column. If it is not there, add it. Visualize your strong interest and develop a goal. Examples:

Natural talent Learning methods Personality talents
The list is endless

A skill that inspires and motivates is associated with our natural talent. Development leads to professionals.
Trial and error
Daily practice
The list is endless

All life starts with a love-to-learn. Experiences during youth influence the desire to learn; weak or strong.
Personal achievement
Intuitive guidance
The list is endless

Personality talent enhances natural talent.

To help understand how this system works, research successful people that started with nothing and achieved their goals. President Abraham Lincoln was raised on a farm clearing land in the new American frontier. He did not have a formal education, but he became highly educated using self-education skills. His natural talents and skills were in total harmony with the political world. His wisdom and common sense earned his reputation as one of Americas greatest Presidents.

In professional sports, there are many examples of players’ who succeeded at great odds. It was their natural talent and drive to develop it that took them to the top.

There are people considered highly educated with impressive diplomas, but they do not seem to achieve anything. They may have been pressured to major in subjects they had no talent for. Neat ideas or wishful thinking goals cannot compete with skills supported by natural talent.

More information:

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Self Education
The Lost Art

Topics about the love-to-learn, natural talents, project based education, and more.

43 page 1.4 MB

To Inspire a Dream

We all came into this world to fulfill a purpose which is based on our natural talent.
59 pages 2.5 MB

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