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God versus Dictators

God has a plan for our life that gives us a feeling of purpose and meaning. He has already provided the foundation, our natural talent. All we have to do is discover what it is and develop it. God wants us to learn, expand skills, and be self efficient. God wants us to be the master’s of our fate. When we are very young someone will ask us “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Our answer is related to something that sounds exciting like policeman or fireman. As we mature we will learn about topics that sparks a various amount of excitement. One will stand out and its interest does not go away. This may be related to our purpose in life. If this is God’s plan for us, opportunity will present its self and all we have to do is accept it. Following this will be a series of events one building on the other. This is God orchestrating events until we have the skills needed to fulfill His purpose. We become amazed at what we were able to achieve. This is the power behind dreams.

God’s support for man’s dreams has no social preference with believers, non believers, or religion. Ideas from believer will benefit non believer and ideas from non believer will benefit believer. If God showed favoritism, mankind would be the looser.

The benefit of having a personal relationship with God is a lifestyle. When we seek God’s guidance our character will enhance and grow. Non believers have limited or no ethical convections. This can lead to a self destructive life style becoming addicted to gambling, drugs, and other self distractive habits.

Dictators’ goal is power and control. God is a threat to their power; so God is the first thing that must go. God is replaced by making people dependent on a socialistic society by promising a bright future free of responsibility. This is achieved by making people feel they are victims and it is the leaders’ responsibility to create fairness. Once dictators achieve the power they seek, they do nothing. Ideas become a threat to control, so these people must be silenced. Without ideas there are no dreams and without dreams nothing will happen. This is true for college student leaders as well as socialistic governments.

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Without a dream, nothing will happen

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