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With today's fast changing technology many skills are becoming obsolete. People who adapt to changing trends have secure employment. The tool most use to stay current is alternative education, self education being at the top of the list.

This website helps people with limited formal education, who are searching for a way to start a career. The same rules apply for mid career people whose skill is obsolete and now must find a way to start over. For them, it is the same as leaving high school without a skill. People in third world countries do not have education opportunity like we do in the United States. With free information they have learning tools now, where as, they may not be able to pay for them if there is a fee.  The information in the booklets and at the website has many helpful concepts on how to overcome the education gap.

In addition to a career that paid well, I wanted to fulfill dreams of high risk jungle and sea adventure. The below documents tell how I did that.

Downloadable motivation booklets and posters are in PDF format. There is no registration and no fees.

Motivation Booklets

To Inspire a Dream and Fulfill It

What happens when we pursue a dream?

Opportunity is attracted to people with a dream. They are the first to be hired, first to be offered opportunity, and first to be promoted. Bigger the dream the faster doors open. WHY? People with a dream act differently than non-dreamers, they develop an attitude that radiates energy; they have a sense of purpose and meaning to their lives. Radiant energy is an attitude that bosses like and to which they offer opportunity. This is how the impossible becomes possible.

August 2020 edition   60 pages   1.5 MB

Self Education, The Lost ArtSelf Education
The Lost Art

Topics about the love-to-learn, natural talents, project based education, and more.

43 page 1.4 MB

Motivation PostersMotivation Posters

Posters from the Motivation Tool Chest website.

Revised January 2017

26 pages 3.4 MB 
Motivation in the Workplace - Leadership Styles Motivation in the Workplace

Articles on; The case for worker responsibility, workplace leadership, learning opportunity.

Revised August 2016

74 pages 1.80 MB


How We Learn Turning Information into KnowledgeHow We Learn
Turning Information into Knowledge

Articles on education, motivation, workplace leadership, and visionaries. Topics on how to make your wildest dreams come true.   Revised February 2014

32 pages 1.7 MB

Elements of Motivation Elements of Motivation

Topics on dreams, goals, perseverance, overcoming failure, and my experiences.

45 pages 2 MB

Tall Ships and Self-Discovery
Community tall ship education programs.

Revised July 2015

114 pages 4 MB

How at-risk Youth can Develop a Career and be Productive How At-Risk Youth can
Develop a Career and be Productive

24 pages 983 KB
Power of ProjectsPower of Projects
Natural learning methods.
24 pages 1.45 MB
My notes on universal intelligence. This is when I was trying to understand this concept.
Capitalism God Prosperity. God under capitalism is the source of prosperity.

Bob's Adventure Booklets

The Liki Tiki Story

How I went from a credit card slave to living a lifestyle of my dreams. Includes Amazon River adventure, building a boat on the beach in Tahiti, crossing the Pacific Ocean in a dugout canoe, and more.
180 pages 5.4 MB

Bob fulfilling his teenage dream, living on a beach in Tahiti building the Liki Tiki with two 40-foot dugout canoes. The island of Moorea is in the background. (1964)

Mem, Mud, and MotorcyclesMen, Mud and Motorcycles
Conquering 200 Miles of Jungle by Motorcycle.
40 pages 2 MB
Hunky-Dory in Pictures
Hunky-Dory in Pictures

Crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Includes building the Hunky-Dory.
82 pages 5.4 MB
Motivation Tool Chest
Mission: To inspire a dream and fulfill it
Without a dream, nothing will happen
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