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Capitalism versus Socialism

As I write this, it seems much of the world wants to abandon capitalism for socialism, because it is not fair that some people have all the wealth while others have nothing. Many say it is the government’s duty to take from the wealthy and give it the needy. This sounds good, but human nature does not work that way.

Capitalism – Creates wealth - Dependent on God for guidance

God, knowingly or not knowingly, has a strong influence in capitalistic societies because many leaders seek to fulfill a purposeful life. They developed their natural talent that led to high efficiency skills. As they move up the ladder they make mistakes. This is education, learning what works and doesn’t, then analyzing ways to prevent the same error. They took charge of their life and found ways to overcome barriers. These people are highly motivated and they are the ones that create wealth.

In the military, in combat situations, there are many unknowns. Decisions have to be made with limited information. Leaders that make quality decisions have develop the art of intuitive guidance. In the thick of action they have gut feeling of what action to take. The quality of their decisions are based on natural talent and training. Frequent high quality decisions leads to frequent advancement.

Socialism – Destroys wealth -- Dependent on government for support

Socialism is based on power and control by a few at the top. This is done by telling people that it is government’s responsibility to supply basic needs to everyone. This takes money. In a capitalistic society successful entrepreneurs have the money. Socialistic leaders nationalize successful businesses and give benefits to the people. Leaders are assigned to nationalized organizations because of their political support, not because of technical knowledge or talent. The results produce highly inefficient leadership. Eventually cost rise, there are no more profits and money runs out, reduced benefits leads to chaos. People that depended on government become destitute; they have not learned how to take charge of their own life and the government can no longer support them. Entrepreneurs with visionary intelligence are gone.

The military under socialism; political views influence leadership advancement, not battlefield skills. Leaders may have gut feelings that differ from orders, but their primary mission is to support political decisions. On the battlefield they are highly inefficient. In parades in front of reviewing stands they are impressive.

Creating Wealth

Teenagers' visionary ideas created much of today’s computer technology. They and those that supported them became wealthy such as Bill Gates developing Microsoft Corporation. Then other teenagers using computer technology created computer games that made them wealthy. In time other teenagers developed the social networking programs and they became wealthy. Today visionaries are continuing to discover new ways to use new technology that is expanding wealth to people who a short time ago could only dream about it. Now there are political leaders saying these former teenage innovators are making too much money. Their money should be given to the government and they will give it to people that have no ambition to develop a skill. Governments do not create wealth and they are not pioneers of technology, they buy it from innovators.

At this website I am trying to inspire people to search for their natural talent and find a way to develop it. This is the secret of highly talented motivated people. They may or may not find wealth, but they will be living a lifestyle that fulfills a need.

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