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About Captain Bob

Bob was raised in Summit, New Jersey. His school years were disasters and walked away from the system at the age of 16. His super achievement skills were achieved through self-education techniques, skills he continues to use today. He says, "The ability to educate myself made it possible to break through society imposed barriers and be the person I dreamed of being."

At 17, he worked on an automotive assembly line in Michigan, at 18 he worked for the FE gold mining company in Fairbanks, Alaska. In 1954, at the age of 19, he joined the Marine Corps in Kodiak, Alaska. Six months later, in Japan, his machinist career started when he was put in charge of the machine shop. (Details in article "How to Make Dreams Come True".)  In 1963, Bob started his employment as machinist with the Panama Canal Company, Panama. In 1968, the company sent him to hard-hat diving school, after which, he performed underwater maintenance on the gates and valves at the Locks Division. In 1970, he worked as machinist for the Navy Undersea Research and Development Division in Kaneohe, Hawaii, helping them develop their mammal warfare program. In 1973, Bob went back to the Panama Canal Company and became preventive maintenance supervisor. He retired in 1988 as supervisor of the computer department. In Guam, in 1990, he received his Coast Guard Captain's licensed for tall ships and became dive boat captain. His current project is promoting motivation techniques for at-risk youth in the maritime world.  Bob preparing for a dive in hard-hat suit at the Panama Canal, Panama in 1968.He is now living in Goose Creek, South Carolina, USA.

Some Background

As a teenager, Bob dreamed of jungle and sea adventures. During his early years he believed dreams were just that, dreams, they really don’t come true. At the age of 27, he found the courage to take action to make those dreams come true. At that time, he moved from Oklahoma City to Hawaii where he met active adventures, people doing the things he dreamed of. This is when his life as an adventure came true.

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