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How Capitalism Creates Prosperity

Note: Many people have a personal relationship with God, with or without a goal. This document is about how God helps us achieve a goal regardless of religious opinions.

God, Christianity, and Prosperity

Nations whose laws are based on Christian values are highly prosperous. God inspires visionaries whose ideas create opportunity and possible wealth for themselves. Some of the most successful visionaries started when they were teenagers. Their ideas created opportunity for millions of people with a financially satisfying quality of life. Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of, Fred Smith of FedEx all were teenage prodigies when they started developing their ideas. God’s intuitive guidance led them. Experiences like this does not happen in a vacuum, God is involved.

Before God could create anything, He had to create intelligence. It took Divine intelligence to create the laws of physics that would build and manage the universe. It took Divine intelligence to create the laws that created life.

God did not give man the power to create anything, but He did give man access to Divine intelligence where he could create something that was not there before. We have access to this intelligence via gut feelings, that is, instincts, intuitive inspiration, intuitive guidance, and intelligence orchestrating opportunity. God gives His support to anyone who seeks to achieve a goal. There are no preconditions related to believers, indifference, or atheist; we are all God’s creation, and He helps us when He can.

The prosperity we enjoy today was inspired by God through a visionary who took action to make the vision a reality. We all came into this world to fulfill a purpose assigned to us by Divine intelligence. Our assignment is based on our natural talent, sometimes it can be considered prodigy.

Prodigy is someone that has a direct connection to Divine intelligence, skills, and knowledge. When they follow their instincts, they are considered highly intelligent.

Bill Gates was a teen prodigy whose vision with computers changed the world. His Christian values plus his goal to provide a service is the secret to his success. Wealth was a by-product. His personal computer concept created new opportunity for millions of people and many of them became millionaires themselves. This increased the quality of life for everyone including employees who only followed orders.

God and Prosperity

Divine Intelligence is God; He is the creator of all intelligence. God created man with the ability to acquire knowledge to be intelligence. Only God can create intelligence, not man, but we have access to it via intuitive inspiration. As we expand our skills with resources available to us, Divine Intelligence expands those skills with instincts, additional knowledge, and guidance. How fast this skill will grow depends on our motivation to learn. Visible examples are in the entertainment industry where children have adult like skills.

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