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To inspire a dream and fulfill it
Without a dream, nothing will happen

When we pursue a goal that motivates and is based on our natural talent;
God inspires others to help us.

Why the United States is the World’s Economic Power

Short answer: Under capitalism God has opportunity to inspire visionary entrepreneurs to develop their natural talent and fulfill the purpose they were assigned to when they came into this world. Under socialism God does not have this opportunity because government regulates ideas.

Expanded info, this website: Why God Supports Capitalism

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Elements of Motivation

Education & Motivation

Elements of Motivation

People who have a vision control their destiny and lifestyle. For people without a vision, their destiny and lifestyle is controlled by others.

Education and MotivationProject Based Education. The right project can motivate anyone to excel.

Developing a productive lifestyle for at-risk youth.

My Quest for Jungle and Sea Adventure Lifestyle

The fulfillment of my dreams. It almost did not happen because I was living from payday to payday which made me a slave to my creditors. I took drastic action to change that.

Floating down the Amazon River by raft. Crossing the Pacific Ocean in a dugout canoe with his cat Salty. 5,000 miles from Panama to Hawaii in 68 days.  Conquering 200 miles of jungle by 2-wheel drive motorcycle between Panama and Columbia.  Hunky-Dory

Floating down the Amazon River by raft.

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Crossing the Pacific Ocean in a dugout canoe with his cat Salty. 5,000 miles from Panama to Hawaii in 68 days. Conquering 200 miles of jungle by 2-wheel drive motorcycle between Panama and Columbia.
Photo: Boundary marker on Panama Columbia border. 
I self-designed, self-built, and sailed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for three years.
My Ports of Paradise Adventure Photos
  Photos that Motivate and Inspire  

My employment with the Panama Canal Company, Panama, and their leadership style made the above adventures possible. They gave opportunity and promotions to people with a vision. Their influence inspired all employees. My adventures were written up in the company's bi-weekly news letter.

The following, "Motivation in the Workplace," is my analysis comparing Panama Canal leadership with other employers I worked with.

Motivation in the Workplace Motivation in the Workplace

Visionary leadership that inspire and motivate, employees develop skills that create wealth for the organization and themselves.

21st Century Workplace Leadership

  • Top leadership is visionary with the ability to inspire and motivate. He sets an example of the leadership policies he wants the staff to follow.

  • The workplace is a lifetime learning center, thereby, increasing the knowledge base of the organization.

  • Leadership that inspires enhances employee decision making skills which creates wealth for the organization and themselves.


There are three priorities, CHEAP, QUICK and GOOD. You can have any two.

  • A good job quick - won't be cheap.
  • A quick job cheap - won't be good.
  • A good job cheap - won't be quick.

Note: A single priority increases efficiency.  At the other end, if all three elements have equal priority the results are reversed, low quality, high cost, and difficult to finish.  This is the result of rotating priorities, which means, no one knows what the goal is. Priority of the moment depends on current mood.

What is Your Leadership Style?

The below efficiency chart is based on leadership styles that inspire or kill creative thinking and the type of people that it will attract. Creative, innovative people are attracted to the upper levels. They like to brag about their contribution, therefore, leadership knows who is doing what. People at the lower level accept the status quo and are yes-people telling leadership what they want to hear. As a result, leadership does not know what is going on.

Leadership style in today's fastest growing organizations are at the upper level such as Google Inc.

High Efficiency

A feeling of job ownership and pride.

  • Do it.
  • Do it then tell me what you did.
  • Tell me what you are going to do and do it.
  • Tell me what you want to do and wait for a decision.
  • Don't do anything without my approval.
  • Don't do anything until I tell you.

Low Efficiency

Control leadership kills creativity, communications,  blocking the ability to recognize needs or opportunity.

How Capitalism Works
God inspires visionaries whose ideas create opportunity and possible wealth for themselves.
You May Be a Gifted Prodigy
Prodigy is someone that has a direct connection to Divine wisdom, skills, and knowledge.
Why God Supports Capitalism
Under capitalism God has opportunity to inspire visionary entrepreneurs.
God Versus Dictators
God has a pan for our life that gives us a feeling of purpose and meaning.
To Inspire a Dream and Fulfill It
What happens when we pursue a dream, goal?
Visionary Intelligence
The United States is the world's technology leader because their social system removes barriers to visionary intelligence.
Capitalism versus Socialism
Today' political issue
What is Intuitive Guidance?
Intuitive guidance has us at the right place, at the right time, with the right resources, making the right decisions for potential opportunity.
Story of the Website
This article compares my 25 years with the Panama Canal Company, Panama, where the leadership style motivated its employees. Then, after retirement my experience with abusive leadership environments in Guam. These dramatic experiences motivated me to research leadership styles and alternative education methods. In third world countries like Panama, they do not have education opportunities like in the United States. People that get ahead are self educated.
About the Author - Bob Webb
Bob's high school years was a disaster. Without a formal education he found success by taking action to fulfill his dreams and he used the power of self education to educate himself, learning without instructors. This is the foundation of success that is free to everyone.

Something to Think About

  • The goal of education: Inspire a lifelong love-to-learn.
  • Today's teenagers are being academically stuffed while being motivationally starved.
  • Students are motivated when topics relate to personal interest.
  • Personal interest is achieved with hands-on projects.
  • If public education inspired students to develop a love-to-learn, society would have more innovators and less welfare.
"Give a person an idea, and you enrich their life. Teach a person how to learn, and they can enrich their own lives" - Author Unknown


People seeking to excel have continuous barriers to overcome. People who flow with the crowd are not confronted with barriers, they take the path of least resistance. Very often these people fall into a pit. It takes more self-discipline to crawl out of a pit than it does to overcome barriers.  Maxing out credit cards is an example of a pit. Establishing a business is an example of overcoming barriers.

Financial Management! The skill that allows us to live the lifestyle of our dreams. Without this skill, we become a slave to our creditors.
Innovation, thinking outside the box.

MotivationTool Chest, overcoming barriers, and thinking outside the box.

Barriers are the result of a lack of experience, skills, or knowledge. To overcome them these issues must be addressed.

The Box
Inside the box represents the status quo, doing things the way they have always been done. Outside the box represents innovation, creativity, exploring ideas for a better way.

Overcoming Barriers
The Motivation Tool Chest website offers hundreds of ideas that will help overcome barriers.

Attach a Dream to Your Hero

  • Everyone has a hero, but few attach a dream to them. Achievers have a dream with a hero that represents the person they want to be.
  • People, who attach a dream to their hero, become achievers.
    People, who do not attach a dream to their hero, remain followers.

Opportunity is attracted to people with a dream. They are the first to be hired, first to be offered opportunity, and first to be promoted. Bigger the dream the faster doors open. People without a dream are last to be hired, last to be promoted, and first to be laid-off in a force reduction. For non-dreamers, doors remain closed. "WHY?" People with a dream act differently than non-dreamers, dreamers develop an attitude that radiates energy; they have a sense of purpose and meaning to their lives. Radiant energy is an attitude that bosses like and to which they offer opportunity. This is how the impossible becomes possible. Full text, my story.

2016 update note: This website was written during the 1990s. Many statements about the future are already happening, but many older leaders are still in the past. Changing with a changing times is difficult for many. The Panama Canal leadership style was established in 1905 which was 100 years ahead of its time. The leadership style was still in place when I was hired in 1963 at the age of 27.

1999 note: The information published at this website is based on my experiences and my analyses. I did some research to learn what others were saying and could not identify with 90% of it. Coming from a different background, I came to different conclusions from popular theory.

In the website I tell about machinists, who are high school dropouts, making high wages. I also tell about machine shop foremen who are millionaires. Researches have asked for my source of information. This type of information is based on local knowledge, not compiled statistics. Statistics are compiled from extremes and dumped into a basket. Society reads the results, compares the blue-collar world to the white-collar world and concludes that there is no opportunity in the blue-collar world. The human factor is, people who make top wages have a career that is in harmony with their natural talent, in a work environment that inspires them to expand their knowledge.
I welcome your comments.

I do not consult or give personal advise, but I appreciate your comments.
The information is for your personal use at no cost.

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